By: Sem. Robert Bigabwarugaba.

Hariman gives us a definition: “Prudence is a mode of reasoning about contingent matters in order to select the best course of action”. That would be too easy.

He also surrounds prudence with a penumbra of related words to broaden our understanding of the complex lattice of sematic meaning. Contemporary nouns involve cautiousness, circumspection, and care. Related adjectives are “Careful, judicious, tactful, discerning, sensible, frugal, wise, safe, level-headed and being expedient.

In relation, the word “Prudence” is mostly used in our language and its different philosophical senses to some extent reflect that variety.

The Eyrie Thinkers have availed Prudence as the ability to make morally discerning choices in general, but the term is also used to denote a habit of cautiousness in practical affairs l,

Most recently attempts have also been made to identify prudence with practical rationality, perhaps even with the pursuit of the agent’s own interests without any specifically moral implications.

Prudence is what makes some one a great leader – the capacity to face reality squarely in the eye without allowing emotion or ego to get in the way. It’s what is needed by every quarter back or battlefield general. Thomas Aquinas said it was intelligence about “Things to be done”.

It is not hard to discern good from bad. But to discern the good from the best… To recognise from a number of positive options what could lead to the most outstanding outcome – this is Prudence.

The supernatural virtue of Prudence makes us order our activities, desires, resources and behavior in accordance with a higher power so that we may come to eternal life we must use supernatural prudence and courage when we are faced with evil.

We can do many things that are imprudent from a worldly perspective but which are prudent for eternal life.

Martyrs are celebrated for their living witness of supernatural prudence – they gave up their natural life for the trust in a higher powers promise.

For St. Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle is the philosopher. Intreating of prudence, Aquinas follows Aristotle very closely especially in his commentary on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics he teaches that: Prudence is a virtue of the practical intellect that is related in a particularly close way to the moral virtues.

In order to be morally good, a person needs the moral virtues, and these in turn need the judgement of prudence. Aquinas’s interpretations of Aristotles’s notion of prudence are more accurate than and indeed represent improvements on, those advanced by other leading authorities of this time, including St. Albert the Great in his Super Ethica.

For Aristotle, prudence or practical wisdom is a virtue of thought that is practical rather than theoretical and deliberative rather than intruitive. It is intellectual virtue that perfects reasoning in regard to decision making in the realm of human action. To have this virtue is to be good at thinking about how to live a fulfilled life as a whole, and to be successful in so doing.

In her book, Creating your Best Life, Caroline Miller argues that effective goals are non-conflicting and laveraged. By this she means that you can work on one goal without undermining other goals, and that working on one goal can move other goals forward. This is prudence in action.

What does prudence do?

“Persistence, honesty, prudence, and love were substantially related to fewer externalising problems such as aggression.” (Park and Peterson, 2008)

Who has prudence?

“The least prevalent character strengths in human beings are Prudence, modesty and self – regulation”. (Park, Peterson, and Seligman, 2008).

What can be done to increase prudence in the world?

“Merely naming a strength in another person can amplify it”. ( Peterson and Seligman,2001).

The catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 1806-1809) gives us an excellent definition of prudence;

It is the virtue that disposes practical reason to discern our true good in every circumstance and to choose the right means if achieving it; “the prudent man looks where the right means.”

According to Psychologist Ben Dean, PhD, prudence is not for wimps. Prudent people keep their promises to themselves and others. They take the risks necessary to meet their goals, dreams and commitments.

As mentioned above, a prudent person is not timid and afraid to make decisions in fact, prudent people are intelligent and optimistic. In addition, prudence leads to discretion and tack because prudent people tend to think before they speak, recognises the variety and richness of life that allows them to remember things accurately; learn from their expenses, and seek the skills of others when needed, and plan for the future – make contingent plans using the if or then approach.

We can grow in the virtue of Prudence through sanctifying grace received in the Sacraments, and thus prudence can take on a supernatural dimension.

Prudence at this deeper level is about making right decisions in accordance with God’s will, which is good and the very best for us, benefiting us now and eternally.

Ongoing studying of the Catholic faith as an adult provides the foundation for applying good moral principles to particular cases, assisting us to know what to seek and what to avoid.

As with all virtues, we build them up through practice, practicing the virtue of prudence requires us to form our consciences according to truth, to learn and be aware of Universal moral principles, and to exercise firm judgement and decisions based on these principles. We can start small and with each success build up within ourselves the virtue of Prudence.


Many of you have encouraged me to put together some of my personal flash stories (some of them posted here in Roughwighting) into a book of short (short) stories. Upon hearing the suggestion, my publisher shouted immediately, “Yes, a flash memoir!” An ordinary scene, or extraordinary? Huh? Is there such a thing? Well, yes, now […]




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In several instances, it’s highly probable that familiarity may continually reduce the value we attach to people, things, places and events. If we allow ourselves to operate unconsciously, these become (and look) ordinary (ask married couples who relied on only the initial spark). The way we perceive people then affects our expectations of them, our perception of their actions and motives, their actual performance (in relation to us), and our future interactions with them. This is especially due to the fact that our mental attitudes and spiritual inclinations actually affect the questions we ask, the answers we get, and the actions we take.

Take the question of children, for example. It seems very easy to see the children we see as simply part of a mass of children in the world. It’s rare that I see a child as one unique individual, with the potential to impact the world in ways I can’t even begin to imagine. This is on a general level. But even when we consider specific children, their circumstances may portray them so ordinary that we don’t actually pay attention to them. A child born to poor parents, or in not so well developed surroundings, a child who doesn’t look exceptional to “teachers”, a child who has no pedigree (or not related to the Caesars), a child whom I’ve seen grow up right from infancy, etc.

The way we look at any child (and all children) determines the actions we take (individually and corporately) for, or against, them. Do we ignore them because they don’t deserve our resources (eg time, words, energy, finances)? Do we belittle them because we think we know better? Do we invest in their empowerment so they’ll be better able to heal the world, or shall we settle for only the healing of a few ills? Or do we actually support the Caesars (even inadvertently) in the formation of powerless masses? Do we reject their potential contributions because we don’t believe in them, and thus tap only into a fraction of what they could offer?

May Jesus Christ grant us the grace to hold “our children” in the proper perspective, and act accordingly. May we work to actualise the potential of every child, and realise the miracles that they are.

THE EXPEDITION; Online talk show.

Watch our video

This is an online talk show that was organized by the activistwriters and Beyond Clouds Uganda in partnership with Western Uganda Debate Society.

It features a number of young people who are doing extraordinary things in Africa and across the world using their talents and skills.

These include young CEOs, business personels, poets, authors, musicians, religious personalities, media personalities, debaters, political and student leaders, sports personalities, fine artists, fashion stylists, and models among others.

The interviews are carried out mainly on zoom, Google meet and instagram on Thursdays and in the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

In the interviews, the guests are asked more about their projects, organisations, companies and other initiatives, how they started, why they chose to do what they do, what challenges they are facing and how they have tried to solve them, their future prospects and what advice they have for any person who is starting some initiatives.

The links for the interviews will be posted on the posters and the interview section of this website a week before the interview.

Through this talk show occasion, guests will get an opportunity of increasing on the number of people who know about their initiatives,utilise the free marketing and advertising opportunity (as these interviews will be attended by people from across the world) and a chance to interact with more people which increases their social networks.

The guests and hosts alike will interact with different people in the course of this occasion something that increases their networks. This gives them a chance to increase and strengthen their social capital, an essential factor for future employment as some hosts might end up working in or with the now young companies founded and directed by the invited guests.

The guests will expose their ideas and inspirations to the hosts and the audience a factor that increases their fun base. This gives them an opportunity to easily correct a vast amount of votes and recommendations in case they are nominated for any awards.

NOTE: The interviews will be broadcasted on the facebook page of Western Uganda Debate Society (WUDS).

The Hosts;

The show is hosted by a number of young intelligent people.

They include;


Photo of Ahurira Celine.

Celine is a medical student at Mbarara University of science and technology, in her second year.

She is a former student of Mary hill High School, Mbarara.

She is currently the vice president of Mbarara University Medical Students’ Association (MBUMSA).

She is a motivational speaker and writer.

She loves reading novels and stories, singing, and playing games like chess, volleyball and football.


Mubangizi Abby in a blue jacket.

Abby is a Ugandan law student at Bishop Stuart University currently in his fourth year.

He is a former student of Nganwa High school.

He loves playing and watching football, watching movies and is passionate about law.

Reach out to Abby at:
0774043042 / 0701418505


Photo of Joan

Joan is a poet, writer, and debater.

She is an A Level student at Ntugamo High School.

She offers BCM/ICT (Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics with Computer as a subsidiary) and aspires to be a medical doctor in future.

She has passion, ambitions and dreams of positively changing the lives of many young people in the world

She loves watching movies, travelling, playing indoor games and doing charity.


Photo of Ivan

Ivan is a Ugandan debater, writer, and rotractor.

He is a student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda.

He is passionate about attainment of the SDGs.
He is currently the president; Mbarara University Engineering Students’ Association (MUESA).


Photo of Robert.

Robert is a Ugandan poet, debater, motivational speaker and writer.

He loves reading and writing and is also passionate about working with young people.


Photo of Belinda.

Belinda Amanya is passionate leader, public speaker, debater and writer.

She was a finalist in the ROA online speech tournament and “Become What You will” online Speech tournament.

She is an old girl of Bweranyangi Girls’ School and is currently in her vacation.

She currently directs the Rangers Union Mentorship Class.

Belinda’s philosophy is guided by her Christian roots and devotion which she drew from the Scripture Union back in her high school.

She is looking forward to pursuing a Bachelors degree in Law next academic year.


Photo of Simeon

Simeon is a student currently at Mbarara University pursuing a Bachelor of science in Physiotherapy.
He is a born again christian, an upcoming motivational speaker, debater, as well as a leader with vast experience. He was a Mess prefect back at high school.

He is currently the year one representative in MUAPS, an association that unites all Physiotherapy students in Mbarara University University.

He was the Ugandan Representative for 2020 LETS SPEAK 4 online speech concert which targeted addressing societal issues.
He enjoys playing soccer and chess, and loves nature.

He does a lot of adventure tours such as mountain climbing, moon and star watching.
He also loves singing , dancing , as well as listening to inspirational music and watching inspirational movies.
He enjoys interacting with people. He totally hates abuse and mistreatment of other people.


Selfie photo of Semwezi.

Semwezi is the CEO and founder Beyond The Clouds, a Ugandan motivation online entity.

He is a Computer Science student at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (year 2).

He loves motivating, inspiring and counselling people.


Photo of Eugine.

Eugine is a Ugandan poet, debater, public speaker, motivational speaker, writer, political analyst and commentator, youth opinion leader, and Human Rights activist.

He is currently a student at Kabale University, persuing a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary school Education (English/ Literature).

He loves working with and inspiring young people in the community.

He has participated in and contributed to a number of community service activities, society changing political involvements, social interventions, human rights movements and crusades as well as different community based, national, continental and intercontinental awareness campaigns, charity projects, discussions and seminars.

In the 2021 Ugandan General Elections, he organized an awareness and sensitisation campaign called “Religion Is No Manifesto” in Sheema district and Uganda at-large. In this campaign he used education and sensitisation of people through social media and local radio stations to fight against religious segregation perspectives and stereotypes in the Ugandan local communities.


Photo of Suzan

Owomugisha Susan, 21 years old, is a student at Uganda Christian University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Law. 

She is a passionate yet a God fearing debater,orator, and social activist.

She is currently serving as the President Truth Debate Union, Uganda Christian University Mukono and the Speaker University Presidents’ Debate Council.

More so, she is currently serving as the Publicity Secretary Western Uganda Debate Society an entity that has engaged in many projects which are intended for promoting speech and debate in Western Uganda.

Suzan works with The He for she Organization.

She has served as a debate judge since 2018 in National Debate Tournaments for different organizations like Writing our World and National Debate Council.

She also participated as a debater in different tournaments that have given a safe space for women to deliberate on issues and policies for the women, an act that follows after her passion for women, children and the marginalised in society.

Driven by the same passion, Suzan is working with Connecting Communities.

She has also ventured into debate coaching as she is now coaching young debaters in Mbarara Preparatory School and St .Joseph’s Vocational School.

Needless to say, Suzan is an ethusiastic loving and sociable person with good interpersonal skills who deals making new friends traveling and reading novels as her hobbies.

She once said, ” I love to see the world a better place than I found it. I believe that it is not yet over until its over.”


Photo of Osdan.

Ahumuza Oscar Jordan, commonly indetified as Osdan, is a debater, poet, and a Public Speaker who mostly serves as a MC.

Osdan was a Quarter Finalist African Debating Championship (ADC) 2017 which aimed at spreading the spirit of Pan Africanism.
He participated in the NDC debates about Climate Change and The fight against HIV Aids as well as The Schools’ National Champions league finals.

He represented Uganda in iDebate Rwanda’s East African championship finals in 2018.

He participated in the World Bank Regional Financial Debates where he registered a win.

In 2019, he merited as the second best Speaker in the DSU debates.

While in 2021 he was a finalist, winner and the second best Speaker of ISDC.

He currently hosts and participates in society changing talks with The Online Community through his Twitter and WhatsApp statuses.


Photo of Babirye

She is a 20 years aged student at Mbarara University pursuing a Bachelors’s degree in Nursing Science.

She is a believer who attends service and mass in the Catholic church.

She likes and loves spending time with friends and family, listening to music regardless of the genre, singing, doing her friend’s hair and trying out new things.

She is a social media enthusiast and YouTuber due to her love for and passion in interacting with people and getting new ideas from the people. This explains why she has a YouTube channel on which she has uploaded a number of great videos.

She does crochet making, and reads books in her free time.


1. Interview with Raymond;

Who is Ampire Raymond?

Raymond with one of his friends at Senevin Gardenz Kabwo

Raymond is a Ugandan.

He was born December 3, 1999.
He is an intelligent youth who is currently pursing social work and social administration at Kyambogo University (2nd year).

He is the CEO and founder of an online platform called Ganda shopping online.

This platform consists of a market place that connects sellers and consumers.

The e-commerce business entity is utilizing the available online free social media platforms in order to maximize the available market on social media.

Currently the target group of the company are youth and it generates its revenue from the sale of goods, commission, market and advertising.

Raymond says that he wants to grow with his customers as he plans to launch into a website and an application anytime soon.

He also notes that he is receiving a great demand of the products on the company’s social media business platforms.

The interview;

Happened on Saturday,10/07/2021

AHURIRA CELINE and MUBANGIZI ABBY are inviting you to a scheduled Google meet meeting.

Time: 07:00 PM to 8:30 PM East African time/Kampala

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We would like to thank everyone who attended the interviews, it is indeed a great opportunity you gave.

2.Interview with Clever.

Who is Rukundo Clever?

Photo of Clever with his mother.


He is from Rwanda.

HANDS FOR TOMORROW is a non-governmental organization established in the year 2020.

It aspires to enlighten people on the need to be educated about their legal rights and responsibilities, to help community to fully exploit their potentials without causing any legal breach, to show good standards for young ones to follow and old ones to adapt to, to contribute in creating favorable environment for community to get law and be aware of new enacted laws, and to help victims to break the silence.

If offers Legal aid, awareness campaign projects, advocacy, provision of teaching materials, conduction of seminars and workshops, clubs creation and empowerment.

The interview;

Ivan Mujuni and Belinda Amanya is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Expedition Conversation with Mr. Rukondo Clever
Time: Jul 8, 2021 02:00 PM Africa/Kampala

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 780 6876 8854
Passcode: 9K8vEY

We would like to thank everyone who has joined us in this interview.

The guest, Mr. Rukundo Claver and the hosts Amanya Belinda and Ivan Mujuni.

3. Interview with Martin.

Who is Martin?

Photo of Martin.

Martin is a 19 year old enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable and hard-working intellect who believes in teamwork as the best way of getting tasks done effectively and efficiently.

He is a former student at Kings College Budo where he was in various activities that put the school at great heights.

He currently has an occupation of a Student Apprentice at KSK Foundation and is an Entrepreneur.


  1. Founder and Director ISC UGANDA*
    ( A youth empowerment organization aimed at improving presentation and communication skills of youths, creative abilities and reasoning)
  2. Founder of Millenary Foundation
    The charity club of ISC UGANDA
  3. Founder of Joint African Youth Forum
    A youth led African platform aimed at attaining a United Africa
    A savings investment club aimed at helping it’s members Grow Rich Together through savings and making joint investments in the long run.

Contact Martin;


Etoku Simeon and Semwezi John Mary are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Experiencing the achievement expedition with Musoke Martin
Time: Jul 11, 2021 05:00 PM to 6:30 PM Africa/Kampala

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We would like to thank everyone who participated in the interview.

4.Interview with Ruth.

Who is Ruth?

Photo of Ruth

Ruth Bassey-Okim who goes by the stage name Ruth-Reje is a public speaker, TV presenter, speech concert host and 500 level student of medical laboratory science.

She is the host of Let’s Speak, a speech concert that addresses societal issues.

She presents at the Cross TV and was a presenter for Carnival Calabar 2019.

Ruth-Reje participated in the public speaking category of the All Nigerian Universities debating championship 2018 and emerged 2nd runner up. She also emerged first runner up at world Speech day 2020, Maters round public speaking finalist 2019, University of Calabar interfaculties public speaking finalist, 2019 and 2020.

Ruth-Reje is the co-host of speech craft, Africa’s biggest public speaking tournament and hosted Independence day special, an international public speaking tournament and speech concert for Africa.

The just concluded edition of Let’s Speak had participants from nine countries in Africa.

Ruth-Reje believes she can change the world through public speaking.


5. Interview with Wilson:

Who is Wilson?

Photo of Wilson.

Tumusiime Wilson Ruhinda is a Business Administration student at Mbarara University of science and technology, majoring in accounting.

He currently works with Ambre Souls Foundation Uganda, a charity organization caring for needy children in western uganda especially.
He is a student leader with a practical experience in individual leadership. He is a shadow Guild President of the Mbarara University Students’ guild.
He is a tech enthusiast, with dreams of integrating accounting/auditing with technology. And ultimately automating most business and financial reporting tasks.


Semwezi and Joan are inviting for a meeting

Topic: Conversation with Tumusiime Ruhinda Wilson
Time: Jul 17, 2021 07:00( for one hour) PM Africa/Kampala

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Meeting ID: 409 939 1096
Passcode: meeting

We would like to thank everyone who co-operated with us to make this happen.

6.Interview with Shivansh.

Who is Shivansh?

Photo of Shivansh.

Shivansh Trivedi is a young debater, poet, writer and active community member of The Stream at Al Jazeera.(@AJStream).

He has published online poetry on

He currently completed his A Level at Jinja College in Uganda.

In 2017 and 2018 he took part in HIV/AIDS and Climate Change discussions during the national debate competitions organized by the National Debate Council, in 2017 he participated, as the delegate of Armenia talking about the Involvement of Youth in Radical Groups in the Middle East, in the Model United Nations conference at the International School of the Hague, Netherlands of 2017 (MUNISH2017), and he qualified for a trip to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a Student Ambassador.

Under the Debate Society of Uganda (DSU), he participated in the 2019 Inaugural National Tournament as Student Representative in the debate together with the honorable members of the parliament of Uganda over ‘Universal Primary and Secondary Education’ and he was a finalist at the Regionals Tournament in the same year where he emerged as 2nd Best Debater and 3rd Best Public Speaker.

Last year, he participated and contributed to various covid19 interventions and discussions e.g. Topics like “Domestic Violence Amidst COVID-19” on April 30th 2020 which was covered by Al Jazeera Stream (@AJStream).

He has continuously participated in many international discussions on @AJStream. This includes topics like ; “can music change bring change in Uganda? With George The Poet.” , “Can the ‘misinformation pandemic’ be stopped?”, and “What is being done to keep learning going in northern Nigeria?” , among others.

Photo of Shivansh participating in a dicussion . For more information please check out the discussion at:

The other is at

He actively participated in Students Against Covid19 @SAgainstcovid19 as he raised awareness online via twitter @trivedi_the and on his Facebook page at Shivansh Trivedi.

He enjoys reading and doing research, interacting with family and friends, writing poetry and listening to music.


Simeon and Belyndah are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Online talk show with SHIVANSH TRIVEDI
Time: Jul 18, 2021 06:00 PM Africa/Kampala

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Shivansh due to some inconveniences did make it again on Monday.

Thank you

7. Interview with Gilbert:

Who is Gilbert?

Photo of Gilbert.

Gilbert Balaba is a medical student at Mbarara University of science and technology, in second year.
He is a business man and a farmer who specializes in growing crops like sugarcane.
He is the CEO of Konnectify Uganda.

Konnetify is an advertising agency that connects people’s different business entities to their desired target consumers. This is done through prospects of marketing and advertising the products and services of companies and businesses to improve their sales.

They offer a variety of services like graphic designing, digital marketing, branding, web designing, social media management, traditional marketing and online advertising.

They can be reached out through most social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram Facebook, and telegram;
All @konnectifyug

The whatsapp business account can be accessed through the link;

Logo of Konnectify Uganda.


8.Interview with Peter:

Who is Peter?

Photo of Peter.

Peter Musinguzi Ainomugisha is a student at Nkumba University, Entebbe.

He is an old boy of Ntare school.

He is persuing a Bachelor’s of science in Petroleum and mineral Geoscience.

He is currently a Guild Presidential candidate in the Nkumba University Students’ Guild Elections.

  • He is the Prime Minister of Heart of Nation (HON) .
  • Heart of Nation is a political project in Uganda that will register as a Ugandan political party in 2029.
  • The project was started in 2018, by a group of five Ugandan young people.
  • It is mainly concerned with shaping and grooming nationalist leaders with a target of creating an inclusive society starting with 2031.
  • The party has its colour of the party as white, a symbol of the Sun.
  • Its mission states; “Creating an inclusive Society.” and a vision of making a country in which no one is left out and a society free to all through anylsisng the challenges and finding the possible solutions. It plans to achieve this by conducting engagements of citizens in the affairs of the country.
  • Its objectives/core values include;
    a) Promoting self-sustainable youth generation.
    b) Ensuring love for the might nation.
    c) Promoting love for the environment that Uganda lives in.
    d) Strong hold in fighting poverty “every citizen counts”
    e) Finding solutions common to the nations commonest hindrances like unemployment,
    land wrangles, and injustices.
    f) Spearheading in fight against corruption through sensitisation.
    g) Creating a society free for all and every citizen to participate in the affairs of the country.
    h) No monopolism in the party and everyone is free to go and the party so long as your ideas are of the good benefit of the citizens of Uganda.
    i) To always find the problems and challenges Ugandans have and come up with
    solutions to the problems.


To join on 25th, July the meeting on Google Meet, click this link:

Or open Meet and enter this code: yar-fxzg-iur

9.Interview with Agatha:

Who is Agatha?

Photo of Agatha Akullu

Agatha Akullu is the author of “Arrow of Destiny.”
She is the Team leader at Read-Us Africa and Rangers Book Clubs(RBCs)
She is a Youth Mentor at Educate! Uganda and The Seven Seeds Uganda.
She is the ambassador to the Transformation Centre of Zimbabwe
She is the Head of Students Affairs at Global Unitalks Uganda.
Lastly, she is a Poet at Echo Minds Poets and Stubborn Poetry.

Arrow of destiny.
Agatha in a meeting at Foodhub.


Nuwaha Eugine and Amanya Belinda is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Zoom Interview with Agatha A.
Time: Jul 24, 2021 02:00 PM Africa/Kampala

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Meeting ID: 851 8205 5482
Passcode: AGATHA

We would like to thank everyone that attended.

10. Interview with Spencer:

Who is Spencer?

Photo of Spencer.
Spencer cutting cake on the 4th Anniversary Celebration of Youth With Visions Global Organization and his birthday

Spencer. T. Teke , a Cameroonian, is a Youth Actor for Positive Change (YAPo).
He is passionate about transforming the minds of youth positively, building a community where everyone works with each other to create a greater impact.

Spencer is the founder of Youth With Visions Global.
Youth With Visions Global is a civil society organization with six annual empowerment and development programs and four annual humanitarian and Philanthropic Programs.

Youth With Visions Global Organisation can be accessed via their website at and also via

He commonly goes public by the stage name “Mr. Counsellor.”

This is because he is a Marriage and Relationship Counsellor, Trainer, Social Activist, Personal and Self Development Coach, Idea Development Expert, Digital Marketing Facilitator, Multi-level Marketing Facilitator and an Entrepreneur.

He strives to build a generation of youths who are not motivated by financial rewards but are driven by passion to create value in their communities and intend to attain a fulfilled life.


Osdan and Eugene are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Jul 30, 2021 04:00 PM Africa/Kampala

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Meeting ID: 813 9118 8190
Passcode: 7aSC2P

11. Interview with Desire:

Who is Desire?

Photo of Desire in Blauwe Toren

Desire Ritah Nakuya is an African poet and story writer.

She is currently living in Belgium where she is studying Architectural Education in Maricolen, a school located in Bruges.

She has a desire of changing the world through her stories.

She has been quoted on international platforms saying; “When I write poems, I want people to be able to feel the narrator, it’s like a story broken down in a few stanzas.I believe our imagination is a blank my stories.. I put a part of myself in each character, so I connect with them.”

Photo of Desire, in the background is the Concert Hall in Bruges.


Simeon and Ivan are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Expedition online talk with DESIRE RITAH
Time: Jul 29, 2021 06:00 PM Africa/Kampala

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 334 454 6752
Passcode: 8dWhJA

We would like to thank everyone who attended.

12. Interview with Perez:

Who is Perez?

Photo of Perez.

Perez Nguono is a Kenyan debater and public speaker.

She is the;

  • 2021 Ivory tower debate competition quarter finalist,
  • 2021 novice finalist, -2021 2nd runners up Twende Africa Public Speaking Tournament, -2020 semi finalist Bates Motel Poetry contest,
  • 2020 7th best speaker Roar of Africa Public Speaking tournament,
  • and she was the 2020 top ten speaker in Jumuiya Public Speaking tournament.
Perez and her friends celebrating their victory.


To join the meeting on Google Meet, click this link:

Or open Meet and enter this code: zhf-thpz-gsa

We would like to thank everyone who attended.

13. Interview with Apili.

Who is Apili?

Photo of Apili.

Apili Cynthia Esther is a debater, passionate public speaker and
Human rights activist – Women’s rights.

She is the President Rangers Book Club – Africa.

She is a host and Creator of the Checkpoint Podcast.
She is a trainee at the AMEL INSTITUTE, member or the Rangers Union and Hearlmsdebate forum.


14. Interview with Josh and Adonia:

Who are Josh and Adonia?

Photo of Josh.
Photo of Adonia

Josh a.k.a Joshua Ashaba and Adonia Sigire are the Founders of Inspire Nation Organization.

This is a young movement that has an agenda to teach the young generation various skills to enable them survive in life.

It serves to offer services related to and promoting patriotism, political.-education, spiritual life, learning and holistic development.

It also holds in its actions the act of campaigning against sexual harassment for both genders among other duties it performs.


15. Interview with Montel;

Who is Montel?

Photo of Montel.

Montel Atuhaire is a human rights activist and founder of The Montrace Foundation.

This is an initiative that serves to fight against sexual and gender based violence and promote good mental health in teenagers.

It caters for young people ranging from the age of 2 to about 28 years.

The Montrace Foundation sensitizes people about the dangers of sexual and gender based violence , supports victims of the violence with financial, legal, medical, and physiological assistance.

It provides guidance and counselling, to teenagers facing depression.

The Foundation aims at eliminating challenges that prevent the youth from reaching their full capacity a reason it serves to fight gender inequality, sexual harassment, and depression.

With a team of eleven young united executives who are averagely 19 years old, Montel is creating a safe space for the youth to come out, face and rebuke the challenges they have faced and are normally scared to talk about.


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If religion was a human, who kills everyone that cheats on them in relationships, many people would by now be declared deceased.
I have been at the university for some good years now but one a thing that has astonished me the most is the rate at which campus students change from one religion to another (an act one of my friends terms as “cheating on religion”).
I for one have a friend who graduated last year; but for the five years he spent at the university taking on a medical course, he attended whatever religion that there is.
He attended his first year’s orientation and welcome party as well as his first church services at a Protestant chaplaincy.
By the end of the year, he was a very active usher and choir member at Corpus Christi Catholic chaplaincy.

In his second year, he happened to be one of the few students who deem it utter violation and oppression of students’ rights for the University’s administration to schedule exams and lectures on a Saturday. This tells that he had now joined the SDA fraternity and sorority.
Some videos of him preaching on the streets,in his third year, started circulating social media and on his status as he had joined the battalion of students who were so passionate about making everyone Born again.

One day, I met him dressed in a black T-shirt that had the word “manifest” in front and he was also carrying a microphone stand in one hand and a speaker in the other. I greeted him and helped him carry the heavy speaker. We moved some distance while chatting about the university elections only to end up in a certain lecture room where students who subscribe to Phaneroo usually commune for prayers.

Of recent I was talking to him on phone and I was surprised when he ended the call assuring me that Allah will help every Ugandan through this Corona season.

This has not happened for the first time since history is not deficient in examples of human beings who have changed to a or created a new religion.
Considering the historical record; this dates far back from the times of Rev. Martin Luther, King James among others.

The question that keeps bothering my intellect is:
Why do people change from one religion to another even when the new religion believes in the same God as the other?
Why do people leave the God worshipped in one religion to look for the same God worshipped in another religion?

I tried to discuss with some people and they gave me some of thesecreasons;

  • some said it because some religions have hard and strict rules,regulations,procedures,and very strong yet restrictive doctrines and traditions which are not prescribed by the Bible(this is what they said)

-some told me that people change to look for pastors who preach better, who heal and who are popular.

  • some said it because people are convinced to change by the people in that religion they are newly joining.

-some told me that some people(most especially the youth) run away from boring churches.

-surprisingly, one person told me that she would change or is planning to leave her religion to join Pr. Bugembe’s church so that they can appear on NBS and SPARK TVs for their first.

Basing on the above information, many people seem to change religion basing on personal desires,demands,judgements,preferences,and weaknesses e.g failure to cope with certain religious traditions and precepts in a certain religion, different preferences for pastors and preachers, among others.

The vice chairperson of the Corpus Christi students’ council, Madam Angella, once said “establishing a strong personal relationship with God is the best thing to do.”
I personally believe that establishing a strong personal relationship with God is better than changing your religion. This relationship would actually help you solve all the other issues.
Someone who has a good relationship with God would receive from God whatever answer they(he/she) needs about their religion.
The problem is that people who are seeking answers about the Biblical audacity certain beliefs and traditions in their religion always seek them from fellow human beings forgetting that God has all the answers.

I personally would not accept to move by the whims of anyone who is requesting me to change religion basing on personal desires,wants and demands.

I personally believe that no person should change religion if God has not asked them to.
For one to change religion,I think they have to first pray to God and request for His guidance. Fasting would be an option since I believe all christian religions recognize fasting as a sacred act.

I would like to advise anyone who is planning to change religion or is in the process of changing someone’s religion, that they should make sure before they do the change there must be a clear confirmation from God Himself. This means one needs to pray about it and ask God to guide them through the decision making process.
God’s discernment and wisdom should be the basis of every decision taken.

Please make sure before God tells you to change your religion,don’t change.
So before you think of changing,don’t ask your friends,or are certain religious leader but speak to God Himself.

In matters of changing religion let us not follow our hearts at any one moment,but we should rather follow what God has guided us to do.
Men’s hearts are corruptible, God’s guidance is never corrupted.

Let’s avoid judging Godly existences like religion basing on human weaknesses and mistakes.
Just because a certain religious leader (a Pope,Bishop,Pastor or Rabbi) publicly sinned doesn’t make everyone in the religion the leader serves to lead a sinner,neither does it make God bad.
Human weaknesses and mistakes should not be a basis for changing religion.

But one thing I probably guess might happen is; that God might not tell you to leave Him in a certain religion to look for Him in another

Me, I have personally found God in my religion (Catholic) and He has answered all my questions and demystified all the things that used to confuse me about our so called hard doctrines, I hope He has done the same to you.
How I wish you create a relationship with Him,for then you will have the consciousness to ask Him any questions and He will surely answer.
St.Augustine received the same treatment from the same God we worship,God answered all his questions about the Catholic doctrines.

Nomatter what religion you are;
Create a personal relationship with God, You will never lack.

Have a nice time.
Always ask God first.

More about the author:

Musinguzi Nicholas Jnr.

He is a medical student.




Breakups are never novel aspects in the domain of relationships, dating well back to the
genesis of humanity itself, to the Victorian age, where lord Byron delineates the
“mystery” in an ever more insinuating lines of poetry, he depicts each “reaction”
succinctly and mirrors the sadness and loneliness and emptiness within him. After a frail
relationship, Lord George Byron, delves into the unknown and discourses his feelings
unto paper to subside the tumult of emotions eating at him. With so great a poem(When
We Two Parted), it was mostly evident, the breakup had done not too generous a
damage to the poet. Shakespeare also satirically points out that “parting is such sweet
sorrow”, making breakups a subject of ponder since the beginning of time hitherto.

Lately, a genuine breakup could be a more dehumanising affair. Obviously, not these
ones, where couples breakup over one partner forgetting one’s birthday date or one
partner missing a habitual Pizza supply. Such breakups only downplay the impacts of an
“actual” breakup. Presently, breakups in relationships are ever more increasing due to a
wobbly strut at the very core of the dating bridge. Paltry scrutiny of the inner and
completely subtle elements of the “players” are mutually shunned, and the outer “fringes”
anchored upon. Making it a “unification of sights”. If only we could learn more of the
inner characters at the time of dating, we could trace the missing piece to this very
animal jigsaw

“Breakups” is becoming a society cliché, the unswayed menu occupant of relationships,
rendering it too casual a matter, devoid of social attention that is due. Even with the
most infinitesimal of issues in a relationship journey, a breakup or divorce, is sought at
as a viable stopover, therefore paradoxically “dating for breakups”. Breakups have also
exacerbated social extremism like self poisoning, Broken Heart Syndrome, stress;
making it an elephant in the room. With such character flaws imposed by breakups, it’s
never persuasive for any social comfort, but an incitation of an emergent panacea

Ideally, a breakup should be a point of retreat, an aspect of self accountability; a slot to
gather optimism and independency. Taking hid of this notion, breakups can be an easy
go, and overcoming them, negotiable, to brace oneself for a more rewarding “conquest”.
Although a breakup shouldn’t be an ultimate reason to seeking the above. With a
sufficient healing from a breakup, the relationship world becomes an avenue of infinite

Improper dating traits, lust and high expectations, remain consonants in the foul
alphabet of breakups, dating bliss is one complex puzzle and commitment to a
relationship is another. Therefore a sneak peek into the “after life” of dating is mostly
paramount in order to establish a sketch of a prospective commitment to marriage.
Breakups like moulds on cake are inevitable but can be avoided altogether. Learning our
partners inside out with mutual consensus during the budding days, immunises the
relationship body from pathogens of misunderstandings which may lead to a subsequent comatose of breakups.

There’s more to dating than trying out new cuisines,
intimacy and reassuring sweet nothings. An empirical study of “inner persons” is key,
and an enriching parenthood also enormously determines the “relationship personality”,
therefore important. Breakups will be more of a mutual partner disband than a riotous
emotional warfare that they are, if we acknowledge dating as a “pilot study” of “inner
persons” unlike a “pre-marriage pampering stage”, we have made it.

More about the author:

Mugabo Alvin
Freelance write



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A streamlined electoral process remains a key outline in the catalogue of normative democratic tenets.
An electoral process is deemed mature if it is immune from external social forces of which religion is part. Religion and politics are de facto demographic indexes, aspects of social interactions and assemblage, but mutually exclusive phenomenona.
Indulgence of religion in politics becomes more apparent and primitive when engaged in elections, therefore hampering the wind of democracy to prevail.
The dire political flaw, slowly eating at our democratic flesh only poses an equal threat to our society lisle, with knots of segregation and misguided electoral decisions.
An election based on our religious beliefs undermines the very core of the election itself which should be a reflection of the intrinsic unparalleled voices of the citizenry devoid of social classifications. Ideally, religion is only a means to attain social and divine meekness but not a yardstick for political worthiness.
A vote casted on grounds of religion is paradoxically a vote casted against the religion per se. Religion as an assemblage of demography is by no means a factor of ponder that affects the ability of a contestant to deliver as expected.
A political system flawed by sectarianism is marred with rampant malfunctions in the pipeline of service delivery, regional imbalances and economic disparities. A leader belonging to a certain faction only provides to his own, sidelining the other factions therefore soaring corruption and prejudice tendencies. Sectarianism also suffocates political ambitions of capable citizens; inferior sects are deprived of their constitutional rights to fairly engage in politics therefore parenthesizing segregation. Being social phenomenona that alternate in views and philosophies, they are best held mutually when exclusively appreciated and so should their participatory rule of thumb. A tiny soar of sectarianism can subsequently lead to malignant tumors of tribalism, nepotism in the sociopolitical brain thus exacerbating the possibilities of more fatal outcomes like genocides or religious wars, it’s therefore deemed mostly essential to deter the sectarianism back flow before it fills up in the ventricles of society.
Fangs of sectarianism will only be neutralized, if the pulse measure is drawn at the very root of religious emanation which are churches, mosques and shrines; shockingly, religious leaders have been cited as the frontiers of sectarianism in politics. Being idles that they are to their followers, metaphorically, they are the puppeteers and followers are the marionettes, a slight misguided twitch of finger may cause an even more disastrous result. Therefore to put an end to this constraint of democracy, a consolidation of criticism voices by religious leaders is instrumental. Horrors of sectarianism in politics should be brought to light; this will be achieved when the government works in tandem with civil society organizations and religious sects, to carry out awareness campaigns through mass media or door to door campaigns.
In conclusion, religion based elections will only be put to an end, if it is acknowledged as a crux of the matter to the wobbly service delivery framework and immature political decisions where roles are apprehended by political fledglings unlike the able ones. The fight will only substantiate, if it is transplanted from the sweetest of oral proclamations to the main garden of tangible action.

More about the author:


Freelance writer.



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Overwhelmed by the day’s tireless work
Walks back home with a coin’s tale
Only to be welcomed by the expectant cubs
Who, on recognizing no pleasant token.

Eagerly inquire from big mama
What have you brought for us!
Silent, she prepares the only bunch of bananas remaining
Ready for the stomach’s craving, she serves her dear ones
When they ask for more moreover, she still holds on a bare stomach
She despite answers painfully,” tomorrow will be a better day my dear kids”

Of the big hearted, she is the best I know
The hard earned cents, stolen by her adventurous lads
Flogging them, nevertheless she doesn’t want to
But for the virtuous instincts of a mum, a flog is necessity
When to realize that grain of humanity I hold.

I owe that to my mum
That day when I denied her love for me in a quarrel
Spitting words of rage without thought
Her melancholic face in my face,
Only to realize a tear drop from her lashes
Oh mama, l am because you are.

More about the author:

Twinomujuni Justus.



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The French Philosopher Michel de Montaigne is quoted as having once said “The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.” Never is this truer in our current, fast-paced society.
With so many demands on our time and minds, it takes conscious effort to take a moment and allow ourselves the time we need to explore who we truly are. Even when we do make time, many people are struck on how to actually do this. The practice of meditation has certainly been recognized as a key method that can help.

The word meditation stems from meditatum a Latin term that means “to ponder”. Through the practice of meditation, we can seek to find a better connection with our body in everyday moments that we often let pass us by, and create stronger awareness for how our emotions influence our behavior.
Most religions include a form of prayer or meditation technique that sees the individual turning their thoughts away from everyday anxieties in search of grater self-awareness and presence in appreciating a greater perspective about life and their religion. This form of meditation is very close aligned with the practice and purpose of mindfulness.

There is no doubt that meditation is a discipline that improves one’s ability to focus and concentrate. It has also been medically proven to reduce stress and alleviate some physical ailments. However, these practicing prayer gain these same physical benefits but also profit Spiritually. While the aim of meditation includes longevity, happiness, and peace of mind, the peril of such a self-expanding ego instead of providing a pathway to greater humility and love. This pathway is found in Christian prayer which purposefully seeks salvation and eternal life with God, which is Union with the father, son and Holy Spirit. This prayer doesn’t try to achieve “self-realization” or “God realization’’; rather, it pursues the transcendent God who is active within us, and empowers us to unite our will with God’s. So having briefly considered both disciplines, it is clearly more profitable to invest time in payer.
It is an axiomatic fact that while you meditate you are speaking with your own spirit. In that state of mind, you put certain questions to your Spirit answers: the light breaks forth and the reality is revealed. My first choice would be prayer, for we must quiet and focus our mind to open the dialog with our Spirit. Clear focused intent, stating what we are seeking, is the first step.

Silence, stillness, simplicity are the elements of meditation; Silence means letting go of thoughts. Stillness means letting go of desire. Simplicity means letting go of self-analysis. Meditating twice a day, the daily practice may take some time to develop. Be patient, when you give up, start again. You will find that a weekly meditation group and a connection with a community may help you develop this discipline. It is a discipline rather a technique. Experience is the teacher and this allows the benefits and fruits of meditation to pervade your mind and all aspects of your life. John Main said that “meditation verifies the truths of your faith in your own experience.”
I have spoken above about mediation but haven’t said you yet how to do it. The way of mediation I would recommend is in many ways Universal, but also the most integral part of the Christian tradition of prayer. In this tradition it is called the “prayer of the heart.” This distinguishes it from either mental prayer or the external forms of worship with which many Christians have come to identify prayer. In this way of meditation – praying in the heart, or what Jesus calls the “inner room” we are not speaking to God or thinking about God or asking God for things, meditation is not what you think but instead it is being with God.
“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night” (Psalms 1:1-2). Biblical meditation involves takings a phrase, verse or passage or any Spiritual reflection and think carefully about it “silence”, pondering, and letting the Holy Spirit slowly make it alive within you. Then you pray it back to God. Meditation creates faith and expectation. Meditation focuses our thinking on God’s creation. Through meditation we come to know God, not just about Him. Through meditation we grow I our love for God’s word, helps us to obey God and be ready to do the right thing in a moment that requires a sudden choice.
“Do not let this book of the law depart from your mouth, meditate on it daily, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful” (Joshua 1:8).
Psalm 119 speaks over and over again about the value of God’s word and the importance of meditation. Meditation on the Scriptures will cause us to understand something of the mind and heart of God. Meditation changes us deeply, freeing us from negativity thinking because we are dwelling on the positive truth of Scripture. Meditation should always result in a response to God, whether it is repentance, thanksgiving, worship, obedience, or a change in attitude.

“What you think about in your unguarded moments reflects what your mind dwells upon. To keep your thoughts pure, you must guard what goes into your mind. The things you allow your mind to dwell on will be revealed by the way you live. If you focus on negative things, you will inevitably be a negative person. If you fill your mind with thoughts of Christ, you will become Christ like. What you fill your mind with is a matter of choice. Choose to concentrate on the magnificent truths of God, and they will create in you a noble character that brings glory to God” Henry Blackaby.

More about the author:

Sem. Robert Bigabwarugaba.

He is a currently seminarian at
Katigondo National Major Seminary

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